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New Taipei City Government Police Bureau Sanchong Branch and Public Vehicle Impound New Construction














Project: Architectural Design

Site: Wanhua District, New Taipei City

Participation: Chou Shukuan, Pan Jialun, Su Tianyi

Year: 2020-2021

Implementation: design in progress

The main volume turning, rotating square box

The front of the project base is along the street (Zhongxing North Street) and is east-west. Therefore, the main volume of the building (office space and dormitory waiting space) is the space with the longest use time. It is configured in the north-south direction to avoid the influence of east-west sunlight. , Causing too much heat to enter the building.

The largest policing office building along the street can be easily seen by the public

However, considering the traffic unit of the police building and the towing yard, the building still needs to have a certain width along the street, so that people from all directions can clearly find it, and it is convenient to report the crime or pick up the car. Therefore, it is in the mass part of the second floor. Pull out a horizontal volume to create a larger surface along the street.

The interior space configuration of east-west orientation does not open windows

The interior space configuration of buildings facing east-west is mostly equipped with archive rooms, storage rooms, stairwells that do not require openings, or double-walled designs (restaurants and cultural and recreational rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors) to achieve a green configuration. Construction techniques.

Shading Techniques in the Waiting Room of the South Dormitory

The north-south shading technique is designed with wing walls on the outer walls of the 2nd to 4th floors, mainly to block the east-west sunlight. The first floor mainly uses the external extension of the second floor, and the design of the vehicle body of the building is used to achieve shading treatment, and there is no need to design too many shading techniques.

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