Double Ridge_ The Terrain and Environment adaptable Cabin

項目: Iceland Trekking Cabins Competition

基地: 冰島

參與: 周書賢、祝偉哲、郭孟芙、林念穎

年份: 2016

執行: 設計提案


The trip to Iceland earlier this year inspired us of designing this trekking cabin. Except of seeing the magnificent terrain, the attitude of how Icelandic people treat the land and nature is also what we really admire - pursue the peaceful coexistence with it. We also realize that the weather is always

changeable and unpredictable in Iceland, so we have to let the cabin won’t intervention the land too much and also can be assembly according to different weather and terrain conditions.



The house with the ridge roof is what we always see in the Nordic country, it resolves the issue of heavy snowing, but have we ever think about the ground issue? We may can reduce the damage of natural terrain by just mirror the ridge! Let the foundation become smaller, but the structure still keeps strong by the way of how we assembling the space.



To adapt both the plain and mountain, summer and winter in Iceland, we have three ways of assembling our module to correspond it: the Line, Arc and Branch. The Line can be followed the contour line of the alpine terrain, the Arc can create a more closed space to against the strong wind, and the Branch could create more open space for outdoor activities. The assembling of flexible module brings more possibility to trekking cabin, it could not only be a cabin, but also bring human beings get closer to the nature in a better way.

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