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Changping Police Station










Project: Planning and Design Competition Drawing of

              Police Station
Site: Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City
Participation: Chou Shukuan, Wu Yiping

Year: 2015

Implementation: Planning and design competition

                             of the police station

The site of the Changping Police Station is located in a corner of the Changping Elementary School campus. This time, we acted as the guards of the castle campus and the city guards of the deputy city center.

We tried to start from the castle image of the Changping Elementary School campus. The stairs on both sides of the building were stretched up, and a continuous frame was used to connect the roof. The overall volume of the building creates a door Imagery, which is a gate that guards the castle and the city.


At the same time, we use the material properties of the concrete itself to give people a sense of strength and solidity, and let the concrete material appear directly on the surface of the city gate. This city gate is powerful.

Inside this city gate, we enter the police station’s space, office, equipment, firearms, and equipment, and use the self-explanatory brick red color of the police on the corner facade. The guards at this gate are the police officers of the Changping police station. , They are guarding the castle and guarding the people. And use the bumpy stack on the corner brick wall to metaphor the bumpy battlement on the castle gate.

The presentation of the building started from the concept of the gate of the castle. Through the concept of the gate and the sense of concrete material, it is hoped that it can be transformed into another type and presented on the Changping police station so that the building can be integrated into the local environment and become a police station building tailored to local conditions.

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