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Xingtian Temple Landscape Planning



參與: 周書賢、吳曼菱、黃紹凌、柯宜良






Project: Landscape Design Competition for Taipei Xingtian Temple Beitou Branch
Site: Beitou District, Taipei City
Participants: Kerby Chou, Wu Manling, Huang Shaoling, Ke Yiliang
Year: 2016
Execution: Design proposal

Beitou Xingtian Temple, with Zhongyi Mountain on the back and facing the Guandu Plain. Due to the topography, the terrain was organized into a stepped platform when the temple was built. Before reaching the Xingtian Temple, the layers of platforms also established a spiritual cleansing before going to worship. Through the scenes of different platforms, create the environment in space.

In the landscape design, Li Bai's poem "Tiantai Xiaowang" describes the special scene of the fairyland. The scene is in the eye and the scene is in the heart. Try to place four different objects to create four different types of "water" landscapes, namely "magical water", "reflecting water", "still water", and "non-water", creating the environment through four transformations , So that visitors can have a different landscape experience in the garden.

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