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Taoyuan Fire Station








Project: Planning and Design Competition of Fire

Site: Xinwu District, Taoyuan City
Participation: Chou Shukuan, Chou Shuxian, Ke Jiayu,

                        Ke Yiliang, Wu Manling, Liu Xinyi,

                       Shi Yizhen, Li Sixuan

Year: 2017

Implementation: Design proposal

Near the Yongan Fishing Port in the western section of the base, the base has agricultural wisdom and is adjacent to the winding forest. It connects Zhongshan West Road and the main road-Xibin Expressway through the base connection road. Therefore, the base farm has the farm’s perception resources, such as sand fields, fish ponds, Fishing port.

In this project, only a one-story building was built. In order to pursue high usability and comfortable working space, the spaces are different from each other. We use horizontal movement lines to integrate scattered spaces, vertical wall panels, and cracks to open the space with light strategy and deep water eaves. , The sun shines on part of the direct sunlight on the other side.

Based on the concept of space design, we thought about how to build a special and functional fire station for Yubian. The port was the center of the fishing village in the past. It is a public sphere filled with people's interests and the memory of the local people. It is a continuous business in and out of industry every night. For a sea, we took out the keyword "quiet guardianship", which means that the land of each family in the fishing port and Hakka village has such spirituality.

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