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Penghu Third Fishing Port International Plaza

項目: 漁港周邊廣場景觀設計

基地: 澎湖縣馬公市

合作: 張鶴齡建築師事務所、香港原象設計       


參與: 周書賢、吳曼菱、柯佳妤、詹立偉、郭孟


年份: 2017






Project: Landscape design of the square around the fishing port

Site: Magong City, Penghu County

Cooperation: Zhang Heling Architects, Hong Kong Yuanxiang Design(PLATFORM), Yiyan Lighting Design, Qiguo  Design

Participants: Kerby Chou, Wu Manling, Ke Jiayu,

                       Zhan Liwei, Guo Meng Fu, Li Sixuan

Year: 2017

Implementation: Completed

This project is situated at Penghu which is an island surrounded by sea and winds. The special landform of Penghu has close relation with the life of local residents. For example, Tsai Zai, a kind of windbreak wall that originated from Penghu due to strong wind, collection of coral stones, and Twin-Hearts Stone Weir, etc. Every detail of those reveals the stories and wits of local residents, therefore, we decided to learn from the natural landscape of Penghu.

We started from coral stones. They were important building materials in Penghu in the past and were also the base of coral reefs. Carefully observing these stones, we can find that there are uneven holes that used to be the nests of coral polyps on the surface. Years later, the skeletons formed by calcium carbonate become clear and distinct. Therefore, we try to use the organic form of the skeletons as the main structure of the park system and zoning standard. Hole-like spaces surrounded by skeletons can be activity areas for flexible, lively, and multi-scale events to fully ernes vast area of the existing park. Such zoning not only responds to the story of coral stones but also defines the multi-scale spaces inside the park plaza and provides tourists and residents a suitable daily activity space.

Harbor Hill is a lively place with an island-like form. It can provide several exploration and recreation areas, including the performance square which can accommodate thousands of people, a big indoor garden, plant islands for people to rest and shop, and an elevated hill island which allows people to overlook the whole site and scenery of sunset.

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