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National Taipei University
Heart Lake Hall








[ 浮石傍水,靜望波瀾 ]




Project: Planning and Design of Xinhu Club

Site: National Taipei University Three Gorges Campus

Participants: Zhou Shuxian, Zhang Fan, Liu Xinyi,

                       Lai Zhongcheng, Wu Manling, Ke Jiayu,

                       Shi Yizhen, Guo Mengfu, Zheng Tingwei

Year: 2018

Implementation: Under construction

The north side of the base faces a famous landmark on the campus of Peking University: the Xinhu Lake Surrounding Landscape Area, which has a good environmental landscape. The Xinhu Guild Hall in this case plays the role of connecting the teaching area and the living dormitory area on the campus. The base is located at the core of the campus. Location, the endpoint of the campus axis extends to the landscape square area of ​​Xinhu Lake, and the setting of Xinhu Hall will become the endpoint of important landscapes and buildings on the campus.

[Pumice is next to the water, watching the waves quietly]

The heart lake covers an area of ​​2 hectares, and the water source is led to the local ancient water canal "Liucuopuzhen". There are 2 performance stages and small bridges. It retains farmland irrigation and increases the function of flood detention ponds. The "heart lake" is named by Master Sheng Yan, meaning It is because the heart lake is located in the very center of the campus; the lake is shaped like a heart, and the lake is thoughtful; the human heart needs to be clear, calm and peaceful.

In spring, Yoshino cherry blossoms are planted on both sides of the lake, and the trail around the lake becomes a trail of cherry blossoms. The overall landscape of National Taipei University is rich. Through the linear open space on the low floors, the dense flow of people is relieved, while the shops on the second floor are like It is like a rock beside the lake, looking at the ripples and waves of the torrential water caused by the ducks, leaning securely, looking at the scenery of Xinhu Lake, watching the flow of time and the gathering and dispersion of people.

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