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Military Village Memory-Hsinchu Parking lot No.11













Project: Park and parking lot landscape design
Base: East District, Hsinchu City
Participants: Zhou Shuxian, Liu Xinyi, Wu Manling, Ke Yiliang, Ke Jiayu, Zhuang Xiaolan, Huang Shaoling
Year: 2016
Implementation: completed use

​Square and parking lot allocation strategy

The square design provides a linear open space corresponding to the library. The trees from the original military village’s common memory are preserved on site, providing better shade for the people, and at the same time allowing the trees to have a good growth environment; the parking lot at the southern end can be connected to the existing ones on the side of Guangfu Road. Outside the parking lot, a plaza on the north side is also reserved to integrate the open space.

History Reappearance and Ecological Sustainability Strategy

In order to reflect the development of the city, the Jincheng New Village block and the location of the households are presented on the pavement of the square. By transforming the building outline to the pavement, the history of the base is reproduced with three-dimensional seats and low walls, and the diversity and use of the square Interesting, so that the memories of life in the military village can be reproduced in the square.

Landscape Planting Project

The landscape planting of different high-rise buildings makes the space experience of the square richer and more lively, providing a shaded environment and strengthening the directionality of the base, suggesting the development context of the original military. The landscape topography and street furniture allow the public to have an excellent and multi-functional open space.

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