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Hsinchu Guanxin Park













Project: Park landscape renovation project
Base: Guanxin Park, Hsinchu City
Participants: Chou Shukuan, Kerby Chou,

                       Zhang Fan, Liu Xinyi, Lai Zhongcheng,

                       Wu Manling, Ke Jiayu, Zheng Tingwei,

                       Zeng Shaoci
Year: 2018
Implementation: completed use

Hsinchu City is a multicultural city, and the East District of Hsinchu City, where the base is located, is a key development area of ​​Hakka. This area inherits the spirit of Hakka culture and often organizes a series of activities with Hakka culture as the theme. Activities include Highlights such as food feasts, concerts, etc., appeared lively in Guanxin Park and Jinshan Temple.

Inner diameter of outer ring

The base is located on a complete street profile, surrounded by roads and surrounded by buildings. When community residents enter Guanxin Park, they will pass through several loops in turn, including roads, existing sidewalks and pathways in the park. The existing surrounding levels create a park. Covered by greening activities, activity-guided paths, paths combined with unique landscape changes of topography, current facilities include children’s play areas, physical fitness facilities, wooden pavilions and recreation areas, and large lawn areas for activities. All activities are in the outer ring. Shuttle through the inner diameter to create a landscape park with the outer ring and the inner diameter.


Community atrium

The base is surrounded by buildings and from the outside to the inside. In order to create a community courtyard usage model, in addition to perfecting all facilities and being safe and tidy, it also sets up a mileage card in response to community residents coming to exercise and rest, and can calculate the walking or jogging distance; The location number of the activity venue can also help meet the location or inform the accuracy of the play location, provide parents and children with a safe and convenient play space, combined with the use of children’s play area and parent’s rest area, so that families who come here can use it Within the sight of parents, there is no risk of safety and joyful activities.

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