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Sanchong Police Station









Project: Planning and Design Competition of

              Police Station
Site: Sanchong District, New Taipei City
Participation: Chou Shukuan, Chou Shuxian, Liu Xinyi,

                        Wu Manling,

Ke Jiayu, Shi Yizhen, Li Sixuan

Year: 2017

Implementation: Design proposal

Residents started from their homes, walked towards the riverbank, passed through scattered small parks, schools, and Jixian Park with a more complete hinterland, and finally reached the riverside. The police station is located at the corner of Jixian Park. It is also the starting point for people to slow down and feel leisurely.

Whether it is during the day, at night, or after getting off work at the factory, the police station is like a home for park activities. Invisibly affects the three-fold state of public security, and is close to factories, houses, schools, green spaces, and waterfronts. It is a public "neighborhood garden."


The main space adopts an L-shaped configuration and is divided into three major areas according to functions, cooperating with attendance report space, administrative space, and service space, without interfering with each other's functions. The dark blue wooden grille in the preparation space continues the visual experience of the interior and exterior, increasing the natural ventilation and lighting of the interior, and through concrete and blooming blue paint, it emphasizes that the policing space uses blue as the main visual color.

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