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Hsinchu Grassland




參與: 周書賢、劉忻宜、吳曼菱、吳佳容、柯宜良






Project: Green Grassland Landscape Planning

Site: Hsinchu City

Cooperation: Fashion Tourism, Professor Xu Ronghui

Participants: Kerby Chou, Liu Xinyi, Wu Manling,

                       Wu Jiarong, Ke Yiliang

Year: 2016

Implementation: planning completed

This design attempts to use the existing site characteristics and original landscape resources to create a "natural green landscape corridor" woven through the five grasslands and an "activity corridor" dominated by cherry blossom avenues.

Among them, the grassland landscape area is equipped with outdoor camping areas, wedding photography areas, grass garden picnic areas, low-density business, and crafts, and a holiday market that combines agricultural products in the Greater Hsinchu District to create an outdoor grassland that is playable, travelable, and edible. Section. The hilly wooded area and forest area are matched with hiking trails to create a half-day trip to the wild adventure. The trail is redesigned to connect the cherry blossom avenue with the wild hills and woods landscape, in line with the original flower and grass landscape, the sweetgum trail, the tung tree trail, and the cherry blossom grassland, etc., to create a new tourist experience.

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