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Hsinchu Xingnan Park
Landscape Design








Project: Landscape Planning

Site: Hsinchu

Participants: Zhou Shuxian, Liu Xinyi, Zheng Zhixin,

                      Chen Yanrong

Year: 2020-2021

Implementation: completed and now using

The nearly 30-year-old "Xingnan Park" is located at No. 6, Lane 40, Decheng Street, North District, Hsinchu City. The original facilities of the park are old, the pavement is damaged and uneven, and the lack of planning of the moving lines and landscapes has resulted in an unfriendly park environment.

The landscape design is improved through the overall landscape design, and four concepts are planned, namely: the static activity area under the banyan tree, the inclusive activity area, the community activity square area, and the tree-lined promenade area. With the improvement of landscape planting and lighting design, the area of green space has been tripled. At the same time, the problem of height drop and drainage has been improved. There are also 210 meters of trails around the park and the whole park has a barrier-free environment, which is friendly to all age groups; pavilion building Re-landscaping, adding fixed "venetian blinds" in the rest corridor to shade the wind and shade, making it convenient for elders to rest and use.

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