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Zhongshan Shuanglian Landscape



合作:一口規劃設計顧問有限公司(線性公園、地下書街) 、








​Project: Zhongshan Shuanglian Strip Park Reconstruction Project
Site: Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Cooperation: Yikou Planning and Design Consulting Co., Ltd. (Linear Park, Underground Book Street),
Holly Design Co., Ltd. (underground book street)
Participants: Kerby Chou, Liu Xinyi, Shi Yizhen, Wu Manling, Ke Yiliang, Ke Jiayu
Year: 2016
Implementation: completed use

The Underground Street Jazz Plaza is located between MRT Zhongshan and Shuanglian Station. It is also a street dance area for young people and students, and covers users of all ages. Extend the design of the underground book street and renovate it in black and white tones. It mainly integrates the usability of the space and simple colors to create a comfortable space for dancing and rest. The low-use stage and wall decoration are removed, and the old floor tiles and walls are renewed. , Mirrors, and round seats with rest and storage functions are added beside the columns.

In addition, considering that Zhongshan and Shuanglian underground streets are one of the main commuting routes for people, the space design maintains the original width of the underground street pedestrian passages. By updating the color and texture of the floor tiles to continue the color system of the front and rear sections, the Jazz Plaza becomes the space of the Zhongshan underground street. One of the active nodes.

The two original symmetrical stairs in the sunken square were removed, and a wooden stepped platform was placed. Multiple handrails on the platform combined with the tabletop function, which cooperated with the dining area to provide temporary storage of goods and various uses such as food. Taking advantage of the lower topography of the plaza, it serves as an intermediary space for large-scale events between the linear park and the jazz plaza.

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