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Crossing, wandering, green, and living

參與: 周書賢、劉忻宜、吳曼菱、柯宜良、黃紹凌


宿舍與第一期宿舍地面連接的半戶外活動空間, 創造位於建築物北面與自然連結的流線「綠水溪流」,東面眺望校園心湖靜波湖開放。此基地東面與西面有樹有水,將是校園中最舒適的聚集場所之一。





Project: Competitive drawing of the dormitory design

              of National Taipei University
Site: Taipei University, Sanxia District, New Taipei City
Cooperation: Wu Qiqing Architects
Participants: Chou Shuxian, Liu Xinyi, Wu Manling,

                       Ke Yiliang, Huang Shaoling
Year: 2016

Implementation: Design proposal

The semi-outdoor activity space connecting the dormitory and the first phase of the dormitory ground creates a streamlined "green water stream" on the north side of the building that is connected to nature, and the east side overlooks the campus’s central lake, Jingbo Lake. There are trees and water on the east and west sides of this base, which will be one of the most comfortable gathering places on the campus.

The concept of "crossing, wandering, green, and living" integrates the flowing ground floor and the landscape of the second-floor landscape platform, combining the lake view on the east side and the green stream on the north side, integrating the beauty of the existing nature into the dormitory life, creating and precious nature The coexistence environment of elements.

The irregular metal grille on the facade, the planting of the balcony, and the glass material match, as if to replicate the reflection of the green trees on the lake, and provide the privacy of the dormitory living units. The natural connection with the north side through different angles.

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