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Penghu No.203 County Road












Project: Road corridor landscape improvement

Site: Penghu County (203 County Road)
Cooperation: Hengkang Engineering Consulting Co.

Participants: Kerby Chou, Zhang Fan, Liu Xinyi,

                       Lai Zhongcheng, Guo Mengfu,

                      Wu Manling, Zheng Tingwei
Year: 2018
Execution: Design proposal

​The pearls produced in Penghu are said to be loved by the first lady of the United States Michelle. It is said that when a wish is made to open the clamshell if there are pearls in it, the hope will come true. The famous Double Heart Shihu in Penghu also has a beautiful legend, "Walking clockwise through the two hearts in series, there will be a perfect love." 203 County Road in this project is like Shihu will be the whole Penghu. Surrounded by series, walk through the whole Penghu along 203 County Road. Penghu’s tourist attractions are pearls. It is hoped that the important scenic spots of Penghu can be connected together, and the 203 County Road will connect the pearls into a beautiful pearl. The necklace is like gently opening a mussel shell containing pearls, allowing hope to achieve the most beautiful bay in Penghu.

Take inventory of the "Northern Ring" route of Route 203, go north through Zhongtun and Baisha, and then cross the sea bridge to Xiyu. The end of the route is the famous Yuweng Tower Lighthouse. The scenery on the way is beautiful. The road is generally flat, only the section near the Yuweng Tower Lighthouse has slight ups and downs, but it is 70 kilometers back and forth, and the car travel time is only 1 hour, plus the stay time of the scenic spots, it also takes a whole day of travel time.

It takes 5 to 7 hours for ordinary people to ride a bicycle back and forth, which is very challenging for tourists. In this case, by counting the distances of scenic spots as a whole, planning the rest points and intermediate nodes passing by the vehicle, and add parking bends and rest platforms that can stay and rest on the county roads, so that the continuous movement time of the overall county roads will not be too long, and add On the indicator system, visitors can be more clearly connected to the scenic spots to go and can stay and rest at a comfortable distance.

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