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Gariza Memory- Wanhua No.411 Park










Project: New Park Project
Site: Wanhua District, Taipei City
Participation: Zhou Shukuan, Kerby Chou, Wu Manling, Ke Jiayu, Zheng Tingwei
Year: 2017
Execution: Design proposal

The history of the microscopic status of the park, you will find that this place has the old wall left by the base of the light aircraft. The wall is carved with texture, but it also blocks the movement with the surroundings of the base. Through the topography, several walls have been opened as the connection between the park and the environment, so that residents can come to the park to stay and rest more freely without having to go around.

Through these tiny textures, you can get a glimpse of the trajectory that has happened. The overall concept will proceed from this point. Preserving texture and documenting history has become an important goal of this project. The elevated and surrounding terrain is designed to enclose important ancient big banyan trees. The purpose of raising the terrain is to keep the aerial roots of the banyan trees unaffected. The area of ​​the square that can be shaded by the greenery also increases, so that the old Trees and activities coexist.

Macro-current status of the park’s history, Jiachangzi in South Wanhua was an important street in the early days of Dongyuan Street, and Dianzikou is a very important common memory in the hearts of residents in Wanhua. Therefore, in addition to displaying these historical memories in the base, we also plan to set up new and old walls to depict historical totems and text explanations, so that residents and schoolchildren walking through the park can feel the historical context they are in.

Think about the importance of green space and open space from a large scale to a small scale, and then create many different memory experiences, inject new activities and collisions with old and new history, and share them in a park full of nature, activities, parent-child, rest, and history, Let the park once again become an important neighborhood node for Gnats.

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