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Chiayi Railroad Park









Project: Landscape Planning

Site: Hsinchu

Participants: Zhou Shuxian, Liu Xinyi, Pan Jialun, Yao Tingting,

                      Chen Yanrong

Year: 2019-2020

Implementation: completed and now using

Hsinchu Confucian Temple Square is located on the southwest side of Hsinchu Park and faces Shipin Road. With a length of 120 meters and a width of 20 meters, Hsinchu Confucian Temple Square is a north-south, rectangular site that symmetries from the central axis.


The original landscape, pavement, and lighting facilities of the site were old. Through the landscape design and restoration, the overall landscape was improved and become a cultural destination of Hsinchu.


To complement the original renovation plan of Hsinchu Park and the symmetrical square of the site, the new Hsinchu Confucian Temple Square is designed with dark and light gray permeable pavement, paving covered with pebbles, the design of drain cover carved with Confucius Analects, and the moon-shaped lamps parallel to the central axis.


In addition, Liquidambar plantations on both sides of the site creates a comfortable tree-lined pedestrian zone for citizens in the morning and evening. Divided design of dark and light gray pavement defines the area of the original skateboarding and gathering urban activities in the site to achieve the multi-functional and flexible usage of the square.

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