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Hsinchu Elderer Education Center Environmental Renovation








Project: Entrusted design supervision service for

              surrounding improvement projects
Site: Hsinchu
Participants: Kerby Chou, Zhang Fan, Pan Jialun,

                       Yao Tingting, Chen Yanrong, Xie Jindeng
Year: 2019-2020
Implementation: completed use

​"Hsinchu Evergreen Academy" is located on the northeast side of Hsinchu Park. The surrounding space of Evergreen Academy is mostly the main leisure space for the elderly and surrounding community residents. Because the outdoor space is in disrepair and lack of barrier-free space, the landscape design is in line A friendly, comfortable and humane environment for the special needs of the elderly, integrated with the park’s green spaces and trees. At the same time, the barrier-free ramp at the entrance was transformed to rain cover, the ditches on both sides were added to increase greenery, the outdoor croquet court rest space was improved, and the landscape toilet was added. In addition, increase the staying space for tree shade and rest, and improve the environment through site preparation and permeable pavement, streamline the traffic, and provide a holiday green market and a more comfortable space for the elderly.

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