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Hsinchu Entrance Image












Project: Entrance imagery to beautify the landscape
Base: Hsinchu Interchange
Cooperation: Lai Chunchun Artist, Dimen Art Education Foundation, Jiali Gallery
Participants: Zhou Shuxian, Liu Xinyi, Wu Manling, Ke Yiliang, Ke Jiayu
Year: 2017
Implementation: completed use

SITE-01-Five Ramp Road

In order to create a "forest city entrance", this site first uses hedgerows to beautify the existing substations and set aside landscape areas. The topography is arranged to match the current topography, and the small hills with arc-shaped ridges are formed. The hills face the entrances on both sides, creating two sides. Grass slopes, vegetation and trees continue the green belt around the base.

The sculpture designed by the artist-"Smart Light Spot", whose vertical columnar elements will become the visual focus of the off-ramp from the Zhongshan Expressway. Those who enter Hsinchu City from Gongdao Fifth Road will first see the two-color grass slopes and then the sculptures later. Drivers on the low-level expressway can see the landscape grass, with lights, to produce two different expressions during the day and night.


The ramp of Guangfu Road is closer to the urban area and the city than the ramp of Gongdao 5th Road. This ramp was installed earlier. The facilities and landscapes on the Caohua Island are more and more chaotic. In addition, National Highway No. 1 is of elevated type in this section, so a high road is formed on the east side of the base. wall. The site is located in the downtown area of ​​Hsinchu. It is full of dense buildings and is blocked by viaducts. The view of the site is narrow. Therefore, in order to respond to the characteristics of the site and separate it from the entrance image of Gongdao 5th Road, this area is positioned as the "Entrance of Technology City" , Will create a terrain that corresponds to the visual disorder of the base, and use a horizontal block sculpture strategy to create a work-"Rhythm of Landscapes", which will make the passing vehicles less likely to produce a sense of visual oppression here, and the staggered arrangement design creates a varied appearance at the same time , So that drivers in different directions can see the dynamic sense of rhythm in the interval change.

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