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Taipei Presidential Office Reception design







Project: Interior Design

Site: Taipei City Presidential Office

Participants: Kerby Chou, Yao Tingting, Hong Yiqing,

                       Chen Yanrong

Year: 2019-2020

Implementation: Design proposal

The space renovation of the visit and registration reception center of the Presidential Palace is mainly designed to create a visitation and registration space of the Presidential Palace that can present the people and serve the people through the arrangement of movement lines and the reconstruction of space. Cooperate with related check-in and security check lines, so that Chinese people can experience the reception center space during the visit. The design concept is integrated into the main visual wall and ceiling of the interior through the variability of the topography of the island of Taiwan and digital parameter calculations, and at the same time creates a friendly flow of registration and visits. The design proposal proposes that the concepts of "sky island" and "mountain shape" become the focal point of the reception center space. Through the design of the main visual wall and ceiling, the order of the space and the definition of indoor and outdoor spaces are reorganized to become a new reception center. Space experience.

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