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Hsinchu Green Grass Lake
Landscape Design





​            鄭芷欣







Project: Green Grass Lake Surrounding Lake

              Landscape Planning

Site: Hsinchu City

Cooperation: Kuanhe Architects​, Yile Engineering


Participants: Kerby Chou, Liu Xinyi, Wu Manling,

                      Ke Jiayu, Shi Yizhen

Year: 2017

Implementation: planning in progress

The green grass lake landscape plan covers the green circle, the sports circle, the vision circle, and the node circle.

When you draw a circle, there is a starting point. After starting, you will draw indefinitely. As more and more tourists come here, parents and children, and the elderly increase. We hope that people can position the starting point and ending point according to their own preferences, and there will be more new ways to visit green grass Lake.

Therefore, the roads around the lake can't only have the function of connecting traffic, but take the natural scenery as the main role to respond to the current landforms and surrounding buildings. The green ring and the sports ring provide continuous scenery and activities in the whole area, providing the green grass lake. The main positioning.

The circle of vision and the circle of nodes point out the differences caused by the landforms. The shape of the lake creates a deep and shallow depth of field. The geographical location and the time difference of arrival give us the inspiration to think about how to create a fun tour. A bright spot is also planned to make the pacing around the lake mixed and enrich the fun of circling the lake.

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