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Penghu Third Fishing Port International Plaza Landscape Planning









以海為鄰,與風為伴。澎湖特殊的地理景觀總是與居民的生活環環相扣,例如因風而生的菜宅、在地採集的咾咕石、圍捕漁獲的雙心石滬...等等,每個細節都透露著澎湖人的智慧與故事。因此, 我們決定向澎湖的自然地景學習。




Project: Landscape Planning of the Hill of Yugang

Site: Magong City, Penghu County

Cooperation: Zhang Heling Architects, Hong Kong

                       Yuanxiang Design(PLATFORM),

                       Yiyan Lighting Design, Qiguo Design

Participants: Kerby Chou, Liu Xinyi, Wu Manling,

                       Ke Jiayu, Shi Yizhen, Guo Mengfu,

                       Li Sixuan

Year: 2017

Implementation: planning completed

With the sea as its neighbor and the wind as its companion. The special geographical landscape of Penghu is always linked to the lives of the residents, such as the vegetable house born from the wind, the sanggu stone collected on the ground, the double heart stone hu from the rounding up of fish... etc. Every detail is It reveals the wisdom and stories of the Penghu people. Therefore, we decided to learn from the natural landscape of Penghu.

From the sports and cultural park in the adjacent residential area to the seaside boulevard in front of the fish market, it spans about 650 meters from north to south, covering various functions and scales. We propose that the neighborhood is slow, the land is wild, and the land is wild. Four themes of event theater and harbor near rest.

The neighborhood is located in the North District, which is full of institutions, stadiums, and large and small green spaces. The Tongxue Road that runs through it is the main connection line. In line with the upcoming new gymnasium, the movement of people and vehicles and the consolidation of entrances and exits are implemented. This area is designed and transformed according to the spatial type positioning. Dadiyequ is a medium-sized street square between the North District and the International Plaza, spanning Xinsheng Road. It is planned in a direction that is not small but can accommodate many small and medium-sized activities and faces the current equipment and unfriendly structures. Make reservations and transformations to make them unified. The event theater is the key theme of the International Plaza. It is set as a venue for large-scale events and festivals. The terrain of high and low hills links many surrounding activity blocks like "islands". Haigang Linqi faced the issue of parking spaces next to the fish market. Penghu’s characteristic tropical plants were planted to divert pedestrians and vehicles and improve traffic safety on Xindian Road.

Through a large-scale analysis of town planning, it is important to clarify the current issues and regional positioning and to explore the elements that connect each section. It is especially important for users of all ages, whether residents or travelers, to experience leisure and richness here. The scenery provides a deeper understanding of the overall development of Penghu.

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