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Taipei Square Landscape

項目: 北門廣場景觀設計競圖

基地: 台北市中正區

合作: 好立設計+張鶴齡建築師事務所、一隱設計 Design、詹立偉

參與: 周書賢、吳曼菱、吳佳容、柯宜良

年份: 2016




Project: Landscape design competition drawing of Beimen Square
Site: Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
Cooperation: Holly Design + Zhang Heling Architects, Design, Zhan Liwei
Participants: Kerby Chou, Wu Manling, Wu Jiarong, Ke Yiliang
Year: 2016
Execution: Design proposal

With the theme of small construction of the earth landscape, the image of the north gate city is the focus of the design, and the layout of the landscape elements in the city view plaza maintains the relatively open but not crowded spatial sense of the area, and maintains the historical relative relationship between the city and the north gate , To become the best location for shooting.

With a large area of landscape grass slopes, green spaces, planting diversity, and different tree types, colors, textures and other rich spatial expression changes, it provides a different space atmosphere, increases the green cover area, and creates an overall landscape benefit. The shade under the tree array provides a resting space for the citizens. The multi-layered planting and lighting design on the side show the image of the city wall ruins, creating traces and memories of the history of the North Gate, and using the Taipei Post Office as the spatial background to integrate a place with Taipei Historic strolling garden.

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