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Hsinchu Minghu Park Landscape Design










Project: Landscape Planning
Site: Hsinchu
Participation: Kerby Chou
Site, Liu Xinyi, Zheng Zhixin, Lai Zhongcheng
Cooperation: Quality Design (Qiu Yuhan)
Year: 2018-2020
Implementation: completed use

Ming-Hu Park used to be a tree transplantation site in Hsinchu, with rich vegetation. However, it became a dark and unwelcoming area due to the overly dense plants, lack of management in long term, and low usage frequency. In addition, having an essential location to connect two tourist spots, Lakeshore Hotel and Green Grass Lake, the only wooden path and stairs in the park were broken and slippery. The walking space was not safe and friendly enough to visitors, especially the elder and disabled people. Moreover, the old cookie-cutter playground was unable to provide children a diverse and inclusive field to explore, even though it is located in a natural environment. Therefore, the regeneration of Ming-Hu Park is expected to increase and connect the surrounding green environment.


For design strategy, taking advantage of the vital landscape resources in the site, the park is planned into a dynamic recreational area and a green resting area for static activities based on the existing forest locations. To improve the flow system, an elevated boardwalk is designed to provide a completely barrier-free walkway connecting to Green Grass Scenic Area. And visitors can safely shuttle through the forest at different heights.

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