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Taichung Wuri Welfare center















Project: Planning and Design of Comprehensive Social Welfare Hall

Site: Wuri District, Taichung City

Cooperation: Liao Jiashun Architects

Participants: Kerby Chou, Zhang Fan, Liu Xinyi,

                       Guo Mengfu, Wu Manling, Ke Jiayu,

                       Zheng Yiming

Year: 2018

Implementation: Under construction

The base is located in Wuri District, Taichung City, adjacent to Taiwan Railway Xin Wuri Station and High-Speed ​​Rail Taichung Wuri Station. It is a newly planned area with very convenient transportation. The streets around the base are mainly residential, commercial, cultural, and educational districts. In the adjacent areas, there are pre-determined places for Uji Middle School and National Middle School. Therefore, in the future, this base can meet the needs of community residents in this area for parent-child activities, child care, and women's welfare facilities.

This project builds a three-story building. In order to pursue kindergarten as a healthy field for children’s growth and learning, we construct an activity space with children’s five senses-vision, touch, taste, smell, and hearing as the core, and at the same time develop novice mothers or new mothers. Information and education space for resident women, space for infants and children to learn and grow together with their parents, space for a temporary nursery and personal consultation, etc. For example aesthetics classroom (vision), outdoor classroom and game room (touch and hearing), parent cooking classroom (smell), parent-child organic restaurant (taste), etc.

Using natural elements to stimulate the development of the five senses of infants and young children, the body feels cold and hot, the fragrance of spring flowers, the red leaves in autumn, and the fog in winter. We build a nature classroom for learning from the environment. We expect children to develop a harmonious relationship between the five senses and nature. For example science study, outdoor nature classroom, etc.

The use of various natural elements and environmental ecology to create a five-sense learning space combined with nature, and the use of various spatial elements such as gentle slopes and stepped grass slopes, allow children to enhance the development of their body muscles and create an interesting space for parent-child interaction.

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