Chiayi Railroad Park Landscape Planning












Project: Landscape Planning
Site: Chiayi City
Participants: Kerby Chou, Lu Zhiping, Zheng Zhixin,

                       Zheng Xiaowei, Su Tianyi,

                       Hong Yiqing, Yao Tingting
Cooperation: Lu Zhiping Architects
Year: 2020-2021
Implementation: planning and designing

The site is located in the Chiayi Garage Park and Beimen Station and is adjacent to the important railway cultural area of Chiayi. From the perspective of the scale of the site, the garage park is also close to the Material Manufacturing Institute Park and the Chiayi Cultural Bureau Art Museum. How to stitch the interfaces in it is also an important topic in landscape planning.

Through the overall landscape design plan, the landscape design thinks about how to stitch the interface between the material making house through the landscape design, and open the fence on both sides and through the permeable pavement. The ecological grass trench and planting design increase the railway cultural image of the opportunity and cooperate with 2021. The Taiwan Design Exhibition in Chiayi makes this area one of the important parks for design exhibitions, and it is also an image of a new gateway to the Alishan Forest Train in the future. The "Chiayi Garage Park" will then become a railway forestry cultural landscape.

The concept of landscape architecture design transforms Chiayi’s natural elements "mountain and forest impression" into the railroad culture between the garage park and the material manufacturing through the "simple landscape platform of the forest", the "microservice station of a little bit", and the "recreation and small sales place of shadows". The landscape architecture and the wooden structure design will echo the urban image of Chiayi-wood-city.