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National Taipei University of Technology Campus Landscape Design

項目: 北科校園景觀設計競圖

基地: 台北市大安區台北科技大學

合作: 大尺建築+郭旭原建築師事務所

參與: 周書賢、吳曼菱、吳佳容

年份: 2015



Project: Beike Campus Landscape Design Competition
Site: Taipei University of Technology, Da'an District, Taipei City
Cooperation: Large-scale Architecture + Guo Xuyuan Architects
Participants: Kerby Chou, Wu Manling, Wu Jiarong
Year: 2015
Execution: Design proposal

The overall design should reflect the characteristics of the green energy demonstration campus adjacent to the base and the school, extending the green campus of the west campus and the hydrophilic environment of the Rugong, and use green walls and water channels instead of fences to create an open campus, and use openness Space, green space, and develop accessible and humanized landscapes and external spaces. Lane 193 near Zhongxiao East Road should be properly greened and retreated to create a friendly environment.

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