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Renovation design of the outer wall facade of the Taipei City Government
Police Station







由於本案緊鄰市定古蹟- 中山堂,在未來設計上將保持對周邊環境的尊重,以強調帶狀分割的設計語彙,適當的容於整個環境中。中山堂的立面分割可分析出兩個主要紋理,一是下層採水平的橫向分割,二是上層採垂直的長條開窗設計。


Project: Architectural Design

Site: Wanhua District, New Taipei City

Participation: Chou Shukuan, Yang Zixin, Yao Tingting

Year: 2020-2021

Implementation: completed and in use

The site is located on the site of the governor’s Yamen in the city of Taipei in the Qing Dynasty. The Yamen was the name of the government office in ancient China, and local officials were in charge of hearing cases. In the design of the front entrance of this case, a strong "door" shape is used to strengthen the image of the entrance, and the lines of modern doors are used to connect with the past Yamen, echoing the memory of the historical Yamen of the site.

Since this project is close to the city's historic site-Zhongshan Hall, in the future design, it will maintain respect for the surrounding environment, emphasizing the design vocabulary of strip-shaped partition, and appropriately accommodate it in the entire environment. The façade division of Zhongshan Hall can analyze two main textures, one is the horizontal division on the lower floor, and the second is the vertical strip window design on the upper floor.

The facade planning on both sides adopts the same logic as that of the Zhongshan Hall facade. It is divided into two sections, the upper part, and the lower part. The four floors below (the lower part) emphasize the horizontal division of stone design, and the five floors and above (the upper part) use metal-clad plates to shape the length. The design of the frame.

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