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Green Suture-Hsinchu Performance
Center Square


項目: 都市景觀設計

基地: 新竹市東區

參與: 周書賢、劉忻宜、吳曼菱、吳佳容、柯宜良、莊曉嵐

年份: 2016




​Green. Suture
Project: Urban Landscape Design
Site: East District, Hsinchu City
Participants: Kerby Chou, Liu Xinyi, Wu Manling, Wu Jiarong, Ke Yiliang, Zhuang Xiaolan
Year: 2016
Implementation: completed use

The base is the location of the Hsinchu City Cultural Center and the Performing Arts Hall. This fan-shaped plot is located just between the moat and the green corridor and the Jingguo Green Park Road. Therefore, in addition to the renovation of its landscape, the macroscopic perspective of landscape urbanism should be used as an entry point. By linking the existing green systems, historical buildings, and places of common people's life in the city, the order of the landscape level in the city is raised as an important element in the urban scale, and even further thinking about the relationship between the city and nature.

The "Green and Stitching Project" we proposed will start from the scale of urban design, and connect a series of green park spaces around the urban area of ​​the eastern district of Hsinchu City through the penetration of space and the surrounding activities to form a circular connection. The urban network system; and on the architectural scale, it will also face the issues of landscape environment, respond to environmental ecology and land functions, and emphasize the relationship between landscape architecture and the city. The entrance plaza on the street profile and the flower terrace on the sidewalk It will be removed, and a barrier-free pedestrian green corridor with a clear width of three meters will be installed, so that civic activities can smoothly connect the moat water-based green corridor and the national green park road. At the same time, the lotus pond will be improved and the dynamic waterscape will be used. Ways to block the noise from the road and parking lot. Although the parking area occupies most of the main space in front of the cultural center and the performing arts hall, through the multi-functional landscape design of trees, lighting, paving, drainage system, etc., it will form an attractive The strong green environment has transformed a large area of ​​impermeable hard-paved parking lots into a green system that responds to the urban heat island effect and adjusts the microclimate. It is hoped that while seeking to solve the complex problems of the base, it can also use poetic and imaginative spatial methods. Present.

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