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Inside ONE: Exploring Experience
-Lighthouse Sea Hotel/YAC

項目: 西西里島燈塔設計競圖

基地: 義大利 西西里島

參與: 周書賢、吳曼菱、吳佳容、黃馨瑩、柯宜良



Murro di Porco燈塔坐落在”CapoMurro di Porco e Penisola di Maddalena”自然保護區,是西西里島中最重要的自然保護區。燈塔作為這樣一個連接點,讓考古研究和自然美景緊密連結起來,設計概念透過"Detour"延長與增加對於燈塔與基地獨特的地貌體驗,增加基地獨特地景與燈塔的空間景觀體驗,且充分結合周邊地區自然的潛在獨特性,創造一個結合地景與地貌的Sea Hotel。

Project: Sicily Lighthouse Design Competition
Site: Italy, Sicily
Participants: Kerby Chou, Wu Manling, Wu Jiarong, Huang Xinying, Ke Yiliang
Year: 2016
Execution: Design proposal

The Murro di Porco lighthouse is located in the "CapoMurro di Porco e Penisola di Maddalena" nature reserve, the most important nature reserve in Sicily. The lighthouse, as such a connection point, closely connects archaeological research and natural beauty. The design concept extends and increases the unique landscape experience of the lighthouse and the base through "Detour", and increases the unique landscape of the base and the lighthouse’s spatial landscape experience, and fully integrated The potential uniqueness of nature in the surrounding area creates a Sea Hotel that combines landscape and landform.

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