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Minxiong Forest- Chiayi Planning
and Design









透過整體系統盤整,打造一軸帶(台一線),四核心(民雄市區北核心、森林公園核心、吳鳳大學的學區生活核心與福樂公園的南核心) 。

​Project: Chiayi Planning and Design
Base: Minxiong Township, Chiayi County
Participants: Zhou Shuxian, Zhan Liwei, Wu Manling, Ke Jiayu, Shi Yizhen, Guo Mengfu, Zheng Tingwei
Year: 2018
Execution: Design proposal

Chiayi Minxiong is rich in natural resources, including plain rice fields, industrial landscapes, urban stations and forest landscapes. In the early days, many life nodes between Minxiong and Chiayi developed in order, but the first line also hindered the connection between settlements, lack of systematic planning and positioning between various nodes, resulting in sports parks and mornings in the urban area of ​​Minxiong. The green system breaks between An Park and Minxiong Forest.

The Fule community on the border between Minxiong and Chiayi, due to the early development of the industrial zone, moved many migrants to live here. However, since the northern base of the Fule community has long been used as a military camp and has become a messy urban blind spot, how to connect the Fule community with The connection of Fule Left Bank Park, how to build the green core of Minxiong Forest through the link between the Art Center and Forest Park, and spread this green system northward to Good Morning Park and Sports Park, and southward to Fule Community and Fule Park.

Through the consolidation of the overall system, a one-axis belt (Taiwan and one line) and four cores (the northern core of Minxiong City, the core of Forest Park, the life core of Wufeng University's school district and the south core of Fule Park) will be created.

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