2017            淡江大學



2017 淡江大學建築系畢業設計指導學生:羅廣駿 「濾室間景」,獲得IEAGD建築系畢業設計國際特展大評圖與展覽




就如同"The Agency of Mapping"中提到的場域(Field),提取物(Extracts)與繪製(Plottings),這個作品以礁溪的地景為場域,藉由溫度地景Project到地面的Palette為提取物,藉由建築空間與program的再介入重新描繪礁溪的地景,希望透過微小的熱地景的觀察,找尋屬於礁溪的場所特性,


Randy Lo

The industries turned the coal mines, which are not exist on earth's surface originally, up to the ground. While coal mine itself is a kind of natural substance, at the moment it fell on the soil, the initial natural landscape transformed into a man-made landscape. Throught the catalytic carried by climate change and time, the original piled up coal mines changed into fragments and been mixed with vegetation covers. So, what nature truly is? How lightly it should be when artificial movements interfere with nature, or even how heavily. Both the present and the past is a sequence of waiting, in the past were mainly operated by machine, while now is waiting for a series of natural changes. This monument is waiting for daily movements to trigger it unconsciously. In every different cycles, every waiting for resuscitation made it comes alive every single time.