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2016            淡江大學


                __ 找不到書的圖書館

2016 淡江大學建築系畢業設計指導學生:施懿真 「迷失的身體路徑-找不到書的圖書館」,獲得IEAGD建築系畢業設計國際特展大評圖與展覽



How to open a door                  __Looking for a book within a series of endless door in the collector’s library

YiChen Shih

Door is an object with a strong feature which we walk through daily without paying much attention. Only when the door catches our eye, at the moment, even though the door may just be laying slightly against the wall, the unknown arouses your curiosity and you wonder what is behind the door. The door as an architecture element, it influences the atmosphere between two spaces by human behavior. Not just a connection, but a medium, you have been looking and searching for a book in the process, you travel through a series of doors. Finally, finding the book on your mind for yourself is not important, finding the door to get into the rectangular stack room is not important. It is important that you find a book .


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