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2015            淡江大學



2015 淡江大學建築系畢業設計指導學生:許可 「城市墓園-凝視生命的城市場域」,獲得IEAGD建築系畢業設計國際特展大評圖與展覽



這個設計試圖以一個關於都市墓園的方程式_ [1/7000 x 1/365 = 1],書寫一個關於七萬個墓與一百公頃土地的故事, 透過在土地上輕輕的一條線,重新縫合都市與墓園的關係,將城市生活滲入墓園。當人們在一年或數年中的某一天來到它的面前,想起曾經代表的人時,才開始產生意義。因此,這個軸線將成為探索生命歷程的路徑,有如城市的時間博物館,鏈結生與死的記憶,形成凝視生命的場域。

URBAN CEMETERY                                  __ Field of Gazing

Ko Hsu

Tomb has a very clear function, but it's not truly "functional."When you come to one of 70000 tombs in the day among 365 days and think of who it represent, that tomb just create meaning. In other times, it is almost just a sculpture, or a part of landscape. And all this represent an entirety: it is a city, and also death of a city.Urban cemetery, in this definition, start to merge and permeate. In Tainan City, which is still expanding, cemetery is the main reason let urban activities disrupted. As an axis cemetery is added into the site: in the exterior, it's like a magnet attract activities. In the interior, it's like a life journey which connect life and death and the past memories of this cemetery.


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