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2015            淡江大學


                __ 感知的量測與介入

2015 淡江大學建築系畢業設計指導學生:郭孟芙 「地心觀測-感知的量測與介入」,獲得IEAGD建築系畢業設計國際特展大評圖與展覽


沸騰的地下水,從地熱井上升到地表,三千公尺深只需二十五分鐘; 但如果雨水要滲透下降至同樣深度,則需要二十年。這相當於許多核能電廠的巨大能量轉換,在地表卻以輕盈的蒸汽飄散,不留痕跡。

基地位於清水地熱,這個設計以James Corner對於量測(Measure)地景所提出的思考為基礎, 透過設計以功效表現的“功能性地景(Function Landscape)”,與以空間/身體感覺去覆寫前者的"感知地景(Perception Landscape)",將這兩種地景交疊,來重新述說一個人與基地的故事(by loop & sequence),此外結合動態的天氣變化,不但讓人們能感受有如地下城市摩天樓般的地井線與能量循環,更重構人們對熱地景的想像。

TWIN EXPO                                                  __Inward observatory

Meng-Fu, Kuo

 Measures of land and Human Perception. How do we measure nature? How na ture measure itself? Through a reference of the book "Taking measures across America land scape" which was written by James Corner, I try to measure the site as two different ways: function landscape & perception landscape. The EXPO will try to let people understand the new relationship between our body sense and the large underground energy. This project re-engage and participate the processes of geothermal power generation. It's not only cooling the thermal water but also try to create new space experience and new sense landscape.


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