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2017          淡江大學


__ 用聲音測量一段船難的距離

2017 淡江大學建築系畢業設計指導學生:楊惠宜 「寧靜的五百公尺」,獲得IEAGD建築系畢業設計國際特展大評圖與展覽


旗津中洲與高雄大島之間擁有五百公尺水的距離,也是中洲人平日的往返,他們透過中洲渡輪站前往高雄工作,卻因為「高中六號船難事件」這個發生在1973年9月3日早上的故事,讓從中洲前往前鎮加工出口區的25位女工,在渡輪站的對岸五百公尺喪命,透過聲音,感受到與平日不同的距離。因為高雄港未來亞洲新灣區的開發,再加上她們的性別,使她們的墓地,從原本的渡輪站附近隨著高雄港的開發而四處遷移, 這個事件的聲音漸漸隨時間消失。


Quiet 500m                               __Measuring a distance of shipwreck with sound

Yang,Hui Yi

In this project, I explored the relationship between spatial quality and acoustic effect from a narrative view of point. There are two phases in this project. The first one is the transformation of spatial form from a series of incidents happened in a shipwreck in 1973, and the second one focuses on the application of different materials related to acoustic effect which arise people’s senses.

In the first part, I have developed some spatial forms based on the scenarios in the historical documents. My goal is to find a way to deliver the specific feelings happened in the shipwreck through establishing the relationship between space, objects, and people’s behavior. The customized details represent the history, and they can remind people of the process of the shipwreck. 

In the next part, I applied acoustic effect into the memorial hidden in an original context with different materials. Apart from the spatial form experimentation, I create unique ambience with sound. Visitors in the space become involved in the transformed stories and specific programs that occurred at the site through the sound.

Ultimately, the elements of the shipwreck are being transformed into architectural spaces. The architecture become a memorial hidden in their daily lives.


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