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2016            淡江大學


2016 淡江大學建築系畢業設計指導學生:李思萱 「嫁接紀念性」,獲得IEAGD建築系畢業設計國際特展展覽

紀念物一年 365 天被擺放著,卻只有 1 天被重新提醒。228 作為臺北城的縮影,嘗試嫁接未來 364 天的紀念性。
『 近期號稱為紀念物的,皆便成了空殼,他們在任何一方面都無法表現出現代的精神和集體的感覺。』1943 年 Sigfried Giedion 等人在 “ 紀念性的九個要素 ” 中,對當時戰後大量製造的紀念物做的做了註解。紀念物應當是人類集體的力量轉化為象徵,而非工業革命後,城市互相較勁高度的現代方尖碑。 古典紀念性,在帝國和政權的領導下,不能被忽略的是 ; 相對巨型尺寸,對稱軸線性,單一指向。 這種巨型尺度的紀念物容易被執行,卻也很容易被遺忘。而被遺留下來的政權紀念物,是否還有當代人們的共同意識記憶或認同感? 何謂當代新形態紀念性 ; 某刻當下的時間點,暫時性確俱規模的聚集,臨亂的秩序,不管是 2000 年 Krzysztof Wodiczko ” The Arc de Triomphé: World Institute for the Abolution of War ” 的展覽 ; 或是 2015 世博會主辦人之一 Jacques Herzog “ you can leave behind the great monument - Anti Monument. ” 如何以幽默,諷刺的想像,對舊有高不可攀的神聖紀念物,執行一種新的嫁接手術?

Architectural Prosthetics on contemporary monuments    

Jacklin Lee

“ The last hundred years have witnessed the devaluation of monumentality.

This does not mean that there is any lack of formal monuments or architectural examples pretending to serve this purpose: but the so-called monuments of recent date have with rare exceptions, become empty shells. They in no way represent the spirit or the collective feeling of modern times. “  Nine Points on Monumentality (1943). Few theorists include Sigfried Giedion have been questioning the necessity of postal-war monuments. The monuments which were forgotten in the city should still be reminded as a unifying consciousness and culture, Instead of a contemporary obelisk with an empty shell.

Classical Monumentality v.s. Contemporary Monumentality.

In the past, Monuments were built with certain Architectural Composition. Including “ Central Axis”, “ Linearity “, “ Relatively grand scale “, “ Repetition ” and so on. These types of monuments were easily executed by Empire and regimes. However, without strongly consciousness from the present users or citizens. It will soon be forgotten. As for Monumentality represented in present days. It could be “ Temporality - on the moments.”, “ The Awe of massive crowds.”, “ The chaos patterns of civic culture. ”, etc. Even though they were seen as informal monumentality. They represents as the spirit or the collective feeling of modern times.


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