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Hsinchu Gaufeng Elementary School









Project: Kindergarten planning and design

Site: East District, Hsinchu City
Participation: Chou Shukuan, Kerby Chou, Shi Yizhen,

                        Ke Jiayu,

Wu Manling, Guo Mengfu, Liu Xinyi, Lai Zhongcheng,

                      Zheng Tingwei

Structure: Chen Guanfan

Year: 2018

Implementation: Design proposal

The fusion of the mountain and the roof
The northern half of Hsinchu City is on the Hsinchu Plain formed by the Alluvial Touqian Stream, Fengshan Stream, and Kaya Stream. The terrain is low and flat. The southern half is an extension of the west side of Zhudong Hills. Gaofeng Kindergarten is located in the rolling mountains on the southeast side. In order to enable children to recognize and experience the place where they grew up, the architectural design transforms the core wooden roof into the form of mountains, which is the hometown of children's growth-the mountains of Hsinchu City. Groups do abstract transformations.

You can experience nature indoors 
At the same time, we believe that the more natural the environment, the more creative and abilities of children can be inspired! Response to Gaofeng Elementary School is a community elementary school that embraces art and nature. Under the large wooden roof, more than half of the semi-outdoor space is contained. From the corridor through the large muscle classroom to the outdoor activity area, as the roof surface extends, all walls All areas can be wide open, expanding the scope of outdoor exploration for children can also be used as a parent-child activity area for the whole kindergarten. Vertically, there is a three-story empty space in the corridor, which provides a large area for children to display and paint.

The overall plan includes elements such as light and shadow, water, sand, green space, big trees, etc., expecting children to grow up happily with nature, gain more life experience, and provide a place where children can come back to remember their childhood impressions when they grow up.

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